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Welcome to Bioscientia!

Bioscientia Healthcare Group based in Ingelheim near Frankfurt, Germany, is one of Europe’s largest providers of laboratory services. Learn more about our domestic market with more than 20 medical laboratories throughout Germany >>>

Bioscientia – founded in 1970 – has built its reputation around a philosophy of medical excellence and quality leadership. Find out more about our structure, our management, our values >>>

Bioscientia – Healthcare Solutions – through our network of local offices and agents in many countries, we are able to assist our clients with any queries they may have directly on their doorstep; just a local phone call away >>>

Bioscientia offers client support – our extensive ‘general’ Test List and ‘special’ Human Genetic Test List offer our clients comprehensive information about the tests we provide and is regularly updated with new test developments and in-house compiled publications >>>

Bioscientia at a glance – take a stroll through our laboratories on a short tour >>>


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