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Managing Director International Business

Dr. Markus J. Neumann, MBA MD

Markus Neumann is a medical graduate from Frankfurt University. He completed his doctoral thesis in the field of Endocrinology and is a board-certified member of the German Chamber of Physicians.
Dr. Neumann holds a business degree in Strategic Management from Institut Supérieur de Gestion (ISG) where he attended its full-time MBA program, with terms held in Paris, New York and Tokyo.
After his clinical career, he joined the Siemens Corporation at its headquarter in Erlangen. He was a member of the strategic advisory group to the Executive Management of Siemens´ global MRI division, mandated to develop market entries into emerging markets.
Before joining Bioscientia, Dr. Neumann held senior management positions in the Healthcare IT sector, e.g. in international sales and marketing functions for T-Systems in Vienna and EMC² Corporation in London and Frankfurt.
His professional activities also included Government delegations to the Middle East which he led on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He has been advisor to life sciences companies in the context of technology transfer and business development assignments.
Dr. Neumann is member of a range of professional associations and initiatives, e.g. the Near and Middle East Association, the German Africa Association, INSEAD´s social entrepreneurship initiative, and sits on the Board of GHP (German Healthcare Partnership).


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