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Managing Director International Business

Jad Ayoub, MBA

Mr. Jad Ayoub, MBA, serves as the Managing Director of Bioscientia International. He joined the Bioscientia in 2010 following to a long career in managing multinational medical companies in different markets. Before joining Bioscientia, Mr. Ayoub held senior management positions, the latest being at Boston Scientific Corporation where he developed business in different markets for several divisions. Winner of several business awards, Mr. Ayoub holds a BS in Physics from the American University of Beirut, an Executive MBA from ESCP Europe and a Business Innovation certificate from Texas McCombs Business School in Austin.

His professional activities include also participating in German delegations to Middle East and Africa in his capacity as the Representative of BDI’s German Healthcare Partnership initiative . Mr. Ayoub is a speaker at the yearly Ghorfa Healthcare Conference in Berlin and advises many healthcare institutions and governments on different healthcare related topics.


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