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Managing Director Bioscientia

Dr. med. Oliver Harzer, CEO

Dr. med. Oliver Harzer, born on 30 December 1966 in Hanau, studied medicine from 1990 till 1996 in the cities of Kiel and Mainz. In the course of practical training, he gathered his first experience abroad in Switzerland and England in 1995 and 1996. From 1997 till mid 1998, Dr. Harzer was working at the Clinic for Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases at Mainz University Medical Center; after that he began his further training at Bioscientia in Ingelheim, which he successfully completed in 2002 having passed the exam to become medical specialist for laboratory medicine. He accomplished his part-time Master’s course in Health Care Management at the European Business School and acquired the degree of “Master of Business Administration” in 2010.

Having qualified as a medical specialist, he settled in Ingelheim in close cooperation with Bioscientia; in 2004 he established and developed a laboratory in the Hessian town of Raunheim. After the complete acquisition of his shares by amedes Group in 2008, Dr. Harzer held the position of General Manager and Medical Director of Raunheim Medical Service Center of amedes Group. In 2011, he joined the Management Board of Labco Germany and the Executive Committee of Labco Group. Along with restructuring the German laboratory sites of Labco Group, in this capacity he was in charge of numerous international projects within Labco Group. After Labco Germany was sold to Sonic Healthcare with his assistance in late 2013, Dr. Harzer became Managing Director of “Labdiagnostik” – formerly Labco Germany – and its five laboratory sites, as well as member of Sonic Management in Germany. In addition, he was appointed CEO of Bioscientia on 01 October 2017.
Dr. Oliver Harzer is married and a father of three children.


Eberhard Baumann, COO

Eberhard Baumann was born in Gelsenkirchen on 25th November in 1957. He studied information technology at Ilmenau College of Technology from 1978 to 1983. After his graduation he worked as a software developer and chief engineer for various IT platforms. From 1993 to 2005 Mr. Baumann was with the Limbach Group. In his capacity as head of IT and lab organization he was responsible for the development of IT networks and solutions and he was involved with optimizing processes in different kinds of medical laboratories. In 2005 he changed his job and started an international career with Roche Diagnostics, where he worked on various projects in an advisory capacity, also with the main focus on optimizing business and processes in laboratories. In March 2010 he became Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Unilabs Group with its head office in Geneva.

Since 1st January 2012 Mr. Baumann has been in the management of Bioscientia Institute for Medical Diagnostics Ltd. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) he is responsible for the optimization of all operation related processes with a special focus on the development and implementation of IT solutions.


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