Our values

1. Quality
We offer a comprehensive medical diagnostic service in the fields of laboratory medicine, microbiology, human and tumor genetics. We work to the highest quality standards and are committed to constantly improving them.

2. Innovation
We understand quality as making medical progress constantly available to our customers. That is why we are actively introducing these advances into everyday diagnostics.

3. Service
We regard our work as a service and, in addition to our medical service, we also provide as wide a range as possible of other services. These include short turnaround times and the expertise, pleasant manner and attention of our professional staff.

4. Ethics
Patient data protection is of major importance to us. We avoid anything that could mislead, pressurize a patient,.or that could be detrimental to the patient.

5. Integrity
We comply with all laws and regulations, particularly those governing the medical profession and environmental issues. We strictly oppose illegal, unwarranted donations from our business partners or to our customers.

6. Sustainability
Our actions are governed by our endeavours to achieve cost-effectiveness and sustainability. In the interests of customers and funding institutions, we ensure that processes are effective and resources used sparingly.

7. Culture
Our qualified and motivated staff are our company’s most important resource and its greatest potential. Health and safety at work are just as important to us as an open and friendly working environment.

8. Management
Our managers ensure that the objectives of our company match its strategic alignment. They create and maintain the environment in which employees can devote their efforts wholeheartedly to the objectives of our company.

9. Structure
To be able to achieve our objectives, we need adequate prerequisites and conditions of the health care system. We therefore emphatically support the creation of efficient structures while retaining tried and tested parts of the healthcare system.

10. Environment
Bioscientia exercises a systematic approach to environmental management. The measures we apply today will also protect tomorrow’s world.


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