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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive test results?
All the turn-around times are mentioned in our test list. Please bear in mind that the turn-around time begins with the receiving of the sample at Bioscientia.

How can I order tests which are not in your test list?
Kindly contact int.support@bioscientia.com for availability of the test. If offered, please write the test name clearly in the bottom right section “Other Analyses” on your request form.

How long are reports available on the internet reporting?
Reports are available up to 3 months; after 3 months please contact int.support@bioscientia.com

Can reports be looked up repeatedly on the Internet reporting?
Yes, you can print out reports as often as you wish.

How long do you keep specimens for additional testing before they are discarded?
Specimens are discarded 2 weeks after receipt.

How can I order request forms and supplies at Bioscientia?
Please contact your local agent for supplies. They will gladly give you all the information needed for your order.

Where can we get further help?
Please do not hesitate to contact our Bioscientia offices for any queries you may have.


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